Tour´s coming up

Okey, we had a blast at this Saturdays gig, awesome show´s by Makabert Fynd and Massgrav and Discharge were good to!  We did a brutal gig with two guitarists and we are preparing ourself for the upcoming tour in Europe, we still need to fill a few blanks though, if someone can help please get back to us, this is how it looks:

15 apr fri – Egalia, Göteborg, Sweden
16 apr sat –  VEB, Lübeck, Germany
17 apr sun – Hamburg, Germany
18 apr mon – Berlin, Germany
19 apr tue – Rostock, Germany
20 apr wen – Osnabruck, Germany
21 apr thu – ??
22 apr fri – Prauge, Cech rep
23 apr sat – Brno, Cech rep
24 apr sun – Čadca, Slovakia
25 apr mon – Bardejov, Slovakia
26 apr tue –Wien, Austria
27 apr wen – ??
28 apr thu – Buchloe, Germany
29 apr fri – Köln, Germany
30 apr sat – Leipzig, Germany
1 maj – Going home!

email us: glomda (A) gmail dot com


2 Responses to “Tour´s coming up”

  1. 1 may: rioting somewhere in germany or denmark!! =)

  2. […] Swedish hardcore act Glöm Dä! is going on tour in mid-April and here are the preliminary dates: […]

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