We got a great review from Matt Average in last Razorcake. For all of you that don´t know Razorcake it´s one of two outstanding US punk zines that exist today. It´s a bit broader than Maximum Rock N Roll but with the same passion for punk, and in Razorcake´s case also for more alternative types of music. I highly recommend all of you to read it to catch up with the latest trends from across the pond.

One of my favorite Finn record releases, Hoist A Few along with my favorite posters from the Polluted Brain blog.

Matt Average runs this blog called Polluted Brain, it´s a great source if you are interested in 80´s punk artwork. PB is posting a lot of posters from 80´s that give me the same new-found love for this style of artwork as when I first started to realize that the artwork itself was an art tressure. The latest Glöm Dä! ep “I skuggan av eran stia” that we have earlier posted a picture from got inspiration from the 80´s typ of punk artwork. Crash-Mange painted the artwork for us and I went wild on the xerox machine to get the correct colours to match his amazing drawing. I hope we got it to look somewhere between the 80´s US and the 90´s Finn records stuff, because that is what I’m always aiming for when starting to think about artwork ideas. This kind of make it yourself and with your friends artwork always beats the “out of the machine” printed types, I can promise you none of our record looks exactly the same.

Matt Avengers reviews of Glöm Dä! take from Razorcake:

Grisigast i Ostergotland: EP
Glom Da seem to be a prolific band. A split EP and this coming out around the same time. The material here is along the same lines as their split with Dorrterror—Totalitar, Avskum, Mob 47 d-beat that sticks tight to the formula, and I’m not complaining. When done right, it’s a glorious thing. This is done right. Fast, raw, noisy, and direct. The vocals sound like they’re blown to hell and back—really ripped and gravelly. Totally works with the buzzing guitars and crunching percussion. “Svinhysterin” is the standout track, as it breaks up the full-on assault with a change in tempo. Interested to see and hear how these guys continue on in the coming years.

Split: EP
Dorrterror get points for adding a saxophone in their song “Hussjoroveri.” It totally works and shows originality on their part. Both bands, from Sweden, play some blazing hardcore punk with slight variations in style. Dorrterror have a definite U.S. crust influence with dual vocals, a slight catchiness, and it all comes at you in one rolling, blasting attack. What’s really cool is, despite all the intensity and speed, there’s a lively spirit in the music. We only get three songs from these guys, and they’re all good. Glom Da are a bit heavier and have definite influences from Totalitar, Mob 47, and Avskum. Blistering Scandinavian d-beat, without a doubt. One blazer after the next. “Kor Upp Din Bibel dar Solen Inte Skiner” is my personal favorite of the four.


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