new technology and our failed desire to forget about it…

Internet is filled up with products for our use, they might claim to be free but they are hardly ever free, always some commercial ads or monetary transfer involved. It´s products that should be used when they are fresh, not that long ago MySpace started to smell awful and we realised that time is running out on this corporation. Apparently the have lost about  15 euros for each quarter this year. I could not care less but now is the time to abandon ship and jump on to the next floating device that we hopefully will use for a couple of years.

Welcome to the Glöm Dä!’s WordPress blog. Here we hope to be able to put up new songs, info, tour details and info about what we like and recommend. We also got a webpage for regular info, hi-resolution pictures, logos. For the music we have bandcamp, it will hopefully have all our records up in a couple of weeks. At bandcamp you can download our music for nothing or whatever you want to pay for it to support us, all cash will go to pay for new records and only the paypal admission will be taken from the amount you donate to us. If you pay we will sound better in the future. Further on we have a soundcloud  account and a youtube channel to be able to spread the music in a good way at blogs, news feeds and other. We hope you will follow us here in the future, otherwise we will end up starting a paper-zine instead of this blog, perhaps we will do both….

You can reach us through glomda( at )

Last but not least, we will try to keep the discussion about the do-it-yourself scene alive, we need it more than ever when everyone is using the DIY concept. We need to know why we are DIY, to question our every decision if it´s etical or not, we need to be aware that DIY is a political statement. You will never see us on Spotify as long as the big major recording companies are it´s major stock owners. We are punk because we wanna do it different, because we don´t like the way it´s made today, it does not matter if it world-wide booking agency’s or labels, we won’t be a part of it. We record our own music, we have our friends mix it, we make shure to press it with our friends, we make all the covers ourself as cheap as possible and we most certainly keep control of our music all the way from the idea to the day you will hear it. We are doing it our way!

Fuck the music industry, these words have never been more important than today… and they are already down on there knee´s so now it´s the time to fuck them!

picture by Skitsylen


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